Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Evolution of Display Ads

I still remember seeing the jazzy flashy static ads and react as "Ouch! What was that?" I would tell my friends, why are there even ads on the internet, who really views them or clicks on them. Then, as time progressed, the ads got better and less jazzy and more interactive. Then few years later, when I started working in the Ad industry, my love for the online ads started growing. In a very short period of time, the ads became more attractive. I wanted to play with them or, rather play games within them. I remember playing the baseball game within the Orbitz ad. I loved it a lot!

One of the other cool ads I remember is an ad in which there was a live chat happening about a product. I was like Wow! This is Evolution. This industry R-O-C-K-S!

Today on March 10, 2009, I was sent a link to IGN.com and watch the Apple itouch ad. I was like ok, let me check it out. It probably took 10 seconds to load, which was not good, but when it loaded. MAN! It was one of the coolest, sexiest ads I have ever seen. I have put a screenshot of the ad below, but it does not do any justice to the actual user experience. I wish there is permanent link where that ad will be stored and users could see/listen to it again.

Hats off to the creative agency and the ad serving company serving the ad (I clicked on the ad, and it looks like it is Pointroll).

I would really love to hear about the buzz and metrics about this ad tomorrow. I am really looking forward to seeing more and more of such great ads.

Go Online Advertising!