Monday, June 16, 2008

Tracking DRTV using Site Analytics

With the advances of web analytics technology, it is also possible to track the impact of DRTV using the web analytics tools like Google Analytics, WebTrends, Hitbox etc.

Usually, the DRTV ads have a unique URL associated with the TV ad, where the advertiser intends the consumer to go to. So, tracking the number of visits to this page would help understand how many consumers the campaign is driving. Using web analytics tools, funnels can be created to track the complete path of the consumers if the campaign involves making a purchase or registration.

One more interesting thing can be done at the call center is giving the customer service representatives a unique URL to open in their browser whenever they receive a phone call, and then finish the process online – tracking this funnel would help understand the complete drop-offs and help make process optimizations.

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