Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Collecting Consumer Data – Email, Zipcode, Area Code: Geo Targeting

Collecting data through various sources like Website, Call center or even Online Banners can provide a lot of information about your consumers. Some of the examples are:

Email Address: If a marketing group is able to get a list of clean email addresses, then a relationship marketing program can be initiated which would help create a long term relation with the consumers. Sending out a series of emails based on consumers needs, can help build a loyal group of consumers

Zipcode: Knowing the Zipcodes of a loyal group of consumers can help understand which Geographical areas have higher quality of leads, and then the marketing can be Geo targeted. With the current ability of Ad servers like DoubleClick and Atlas it is possible to geo target online display advertising.

Similar to Zipcode, Area code can provide a density map of loyal consumers and target the consumers to help increase the loyalty and sales of products.

Having more and more information or data about your consumers helps better understand them and thus get your marketing dollars to work.

In the online world, it is much easier to collect this data through various ways – Online banners, Website, Microsite.

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