Monday, July 14, 2008

Mobile Analytics: iPhone

I just installed the latest iPhone update yesterday and I am so excited with the new application. There is a lot to measure about this new application, a few metrics that I can think of are:

1. How many iPhone users started the install and how many actually completed it (the update takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, so it would be great to measure the completion rate)
2. Drilling down the consumer flow, the next thing to track would be how many users installed the applications
a. Frequency (1-3, 2-6, 7-10, 10+ applications)
b. Paid applications
c. Free applications
d. Applications by category
3. There are some “Westin” ads specially within the NY Times application, so measuring the Click-through rate on these ads would be a good metric to track

This new application has just changed the use of this product and obviously the sales of this product should go up dramatically as there were a lot of applications missing like Games, Mobile Banking (Bank of America), Newspapers (NYT), Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace)

The engagement with each of the above application would also be a good measure of how consumers are interacting with these applications.

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Dean Collins said...

Working for Amethon Mobile Analytics it's been an interesting to see all the hype around the Apple handsets (and their users).

Because our analytics run on a dedicated server within the mobile web content providers data centers they are able to view reports about handsets visiting their sites in real time.

When you start looking at what handsets are visiting their sites and what functionality those handsets offer you often realise that better UI functionality could be implemented and that most times the majority of your mobile web browsers visiting your content aren't viewing it on nice big 480x320 pixel resolution displays.

Yes displays like the iphone are the future but if you dont 'know' what handsets your websites visitors are using then you might be leaving the majority of them behind.

As has been widely published pretty much the most common mobile web browesr in the USA is still the Motorola Razor..... a very different device to the iPhone and if you are designing your websites blindly for might be turning off others.

Dean Collins