Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Very high interactions on the banner, however very low clicks – Why?

Sometimes we notice that there are very high interactions on the banner, however the number of clicks on the banner is very low – how do we explain this? My personal point of view is that the banner could be providing a lot of information to the consumers that they need and thus the consumers are not allured to click on the banner.

A banner having a few videos embedded or a banner with a few tabs, with a lot of information about a specific product or a service would not attract consumers to click on the banner.

Does this mean the consumer is not interested in knowing more about the product – NO; the consumer already got so much information about the product that he or she doesn't need any more information at that time. I would rate this as a perfect consumer experience. As an advertiser, you have been successful in engaging the consumer and providing enough information to the consumer about the product or service.



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