Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to prevent ads from appearing at places where you don’t want

In the previous post, I mentioned how verification companies can help monitor where your ads are appearing. But that is a cure to the problem after the fact; your ad already appeared on inappropriate section of the internet.

There are services available which prevent your ad from appearing at pre-determined section of the internet.

Companies have the technology to monitor the section of the internet where the ad is about to be served and stop it if it is not appropriate. These companies have very extensive algorithm which rates almost all the pages on the internet and then use this rating to make the decision of preventing the ad to be served.

Essentially, they create a firewall in between the publisher and the consumer before the ad is served.

I haven't used these technologies but feel that using them will really make the publishers accountable in terms of content and geographical location. It gives more and more control in markets/agencies hands.


dan g. said...

If your client is Oscar Meyer, and there is a website with an article titled "Hot Dogs" which informs residents of Arizona of the impact of the heat on their dogs, will the algorithms filter out your ads?

Online Marketing Analyst said...

Yes, they can look at DMA level where you ads are being placed.