Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Promoted Tweets – Twitter Paid Ads

Twitter just announced today it will be starting advertising in form of paid tweets. These tweets will be known as Promoted Tweets.

From a targeting perspective, it is a great opportunity for Twitter to start text mining the current tweets or conversations and then serve the ads. This can become a very well targeted advertising network based on conversations, user profiles etc.

For example: Many companies have twitter handles which promote/provide information about their products. Thus, profiling the users based on their interest and posts will be a great way to target ads.

Instead of relying on any 3rd or 4th party database to profile users, Twitter has the ability to segment users based on its in house data – the past and current tweets.

It will be interesting from a measurement perspective, to measure how these ads will work.

I hope to see some webinars or research papers coming up soon on Twitter ads.


dan g. said...

I don't have a tweet account. But I'm wondering how conversions can be measured by mobile advertising. I'm assuming that most tweets come by mobile accounts (I really have know idea) and conversion tracking is limited due to "mobile" and "web" tracking. If Ashton Kutcher tweets "Buy Oscar Meyer hot dogs!", how do I know I'm what ROI I'm getting?

Online Marketing Analyst said...

It is hard to get a true RoI from social media. One of the things that you can do it, track your sales after after the post by a celeb like Ashton. If there is a huge increase compared to the last few days, then it shows the impact. It's like a pre-post analysis.

Also, one more way to measure the impact is to get a count of the number of re-tweets, traffic to your website, mentions about your brand vs. your competitors, sentiment of your brand.