Monday, April 21, 2008


I am sure people in marketing have been hearing this term -"Dashboard" and a lot of time people wonder what is it?

As I see - A dashboard is a graphical representation of the key success and diagnostic metrics used to measure the performance of the campaigns.

I was browsing the internet and found this great site which talks about Dashboards -

Personally, I have built a lot of them for various types of campaings - Direct Marketing, Branding, Channel Performance (email vs. phone vs. display vs. DRTV), Site Performance, Product Performance (product A vs. product B)

As an example the table below shows all the key metrics week over week but it is like staring at 100s of numbers and it is hard to make business sense out of these. What exactly is going on...

Now, looking at the dashboard below (same data as the above table) helps understand all the key metrics in a clear and consise way thus helping make better business decisions and also come up with questions - why did a particular metric drop or rise.

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~christina said...

Seen this? whole series on designing dashboards!