Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Measurement Plan

Writing up a Measurement Plan is very important especially for the skeptics. As I have learnt over the years it helps explain the "WHY MEASURE" and the "HOW TO MEASURE" of measurement process for a campaign.

This document is often skipped and this causes problem like the various parties involved in the campaign launch are not on the same page. One example is: The agency and the client being on the different page in terms of campaign objectives, KPIs etc

This document ensures that all the stakeholders of the campaign (agency, brand manager, product manager, marketing team, advertising team) understand that campaign objectives, consumer flow, KPIs, reporting needs, dashboard structure and the reporting frequencies.

What constitutes the plan:

  1. Campaign Overview
  2. Consumer Flow
  3. Tracking mechanisms like DART tags, Webtrends tags, Google Analytics, Omniture Tags, Hitbox tags, email vendor tracking etc
  4. Diagnostic Metrics - example: CTR, Interaction Rate, Email open rate, Email click rate, Phone answer rate
  5. Success Metrics - example: ROAS, ROI, Conversion Rate
  6. Dashboard - showing the key metrics help to understand the performance of the campaign. Data representation is an very important part the process. I will be providing some illustrations soon.
  7. Reporting Frequencies

Happy Measuring....

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