Monday, April 14, 2008

Who am I ?

Hi - I thought the first post should be about me, who am I - what do I do, where do I come from and why am I writing this blog.

I currently work at one of the Ad Agencies in Chicago, IL, USA.

Professionally, I have two Masters Degrees - one in Electrical and Computer Engineering and the other in Management Information Systems from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). While, at UIC I worked for an online grocery store providing hard to find food items from all over the world ( where I managed the complete operations (ordering goods, forecasting, customer service, analytics, and logistics). I did understand the basics of running a business at that shop, and still remember every day I worked there. My gurus Parry Singh and Subash Bedi did do an awesome job of training me.

After graduating from UIC, I started working at TNS NFO Research where I was involved in forecasting the sales new products i.e. tell the clients like P&G, Kellogg Snacks how many units of their products would sell if they were to launch. It was fun working on products like Tide, Keebler cookies...

In July 2005, I did took the big step into the exiting world of Online Advertising - working for an full service agency in Chicago. Learnt a lot there while working in their measurement team - "measured" email campaigns, website performance, online banners, search, DRTV. It was fun!!!

In Feburary 2007, I moved over to another agency in Chicago and since then have measured Billions and Billions of ad impressions. I was tasked to set up the analytics platform for one of the largest Online Advertisers in the country. Started with creating weekly dashboards, led the client to know more about their seasonality curves - conversion rates, click rates. Worked with Datafeed, search, display, DRTV.

Net net - I do have about 5+ years of consumer analytics, across various industries, clients, channels. Measuring marketing efforts all over.....

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